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A Child’s First Filling

Pediatric Dentistry Even if they have made several previous trips to our office, it can still be pretty overwhelming for little kids to find out they need to have a dental treatment. This is particularly true for the bright lights and sounds that go along with having their very first cavity filled. If your child’s last visit revealed a cavity that needs filling, here are some ways to help them prepare.
Talk About the Procedure

We’ll do this with your child to help explain what we’re going to do, but they may be more receptive if the news is coming from you. If you think it will help, watch some YouTube videos that go through the whole process of filling a cavity to put their little mind at ease. A word of caution, though: Be sure to watch the video yourself first! You want to make sure all of the content is appropriate for your child, and that you can answer any questions that may come up. Keep it simple. Your child will be fearless if you don’t talk about fear. Usually when a child is afraid of the dentist it’s because the parent is afraid of the dentist. Your child is braver than you think.

Consider Nitrous Oxide

The TV images of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, aren’t exactly correct. The appropriate dose will not leave your child giggling maniacally at every turn. It will, however, help them feel more relaxed.

Stay in the Waiting Room

Every parent wants to feel needed. Believe it or not, 99% of children have a better appointment and are better behaved if mom or dad is not in the room during treatment. Give your child a sense of accomplishment and autonomy in a safe place. When a parent comes in the room it sets up a sense of fear about dental treatment. When children are allowed to have treatment done without hand-holding, the treatment becomes a non-event and fear never starts. If you trust us, so will your child.

Don’t Freak Out

Sure, it may be true that their love of all things sweet is the cause of their cavity, or maybe their oral hygiene routine could use a little tweaking. But when it comes to the soft surface of little kid teeth, it could also just be a matter of bad luck. We’ll be sure to talk about preventative measures at an appropriate time.
Don’t beat yourself up about the discovery of a cavity on one of your child’s teeth. Even more importantly, don’t make your child feel bad about it. Feelings of shame and anxiety about going to the dentist’s office can turn them into an “anti-dentite”, and that’s a way bigger deal than a little cavity.

When your child needs to have a cavity filled, we’re here to help every step of the way, but our attitude is not nearly as important as yours. Stay calm, be supportive and let’s work together to keep your child’s beautiful smile intact.

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