Good Dental Health Habits

3 Ways to Develop Good Dental Health Habits

Ask some of the most health conscious people out there and they will tell you that good health is most often just a matter of good habits. Good oral health is usually nothing more than the result of good dental health care habits.

As a locally owned West Kelowna dental clinic, we view our relationship with our patients as a partnership. We want to give you the tools to successfully manage your dental health. If you know your routine could use a little tweaking, we have some ideas to help you get into the habit of taking good care of your smile.

Start with 21 Dayswest kelowna dentist

“They” say it takes three weeks to make something a habit, so use three weeks as your starting goal. If you say you’re going to brush, floss and rinse every day forever, the first time you miss a day it’s likely to feel like a failure. Pledge to do it for 21 days first, and if you miss a day, try again for 21 days. Before you know it, it will be second nature.

Cut Back on Sugar

If we had a magic wand, we’d probably wave it to get rid of sugary beverages. Besides being calorie-dense and nutritionally void, they’re terrible for your teeth! If you replace just one sugar-laden beverage with water every day for a week, you might find your cravings for sugar start to decrease. Then, you can try replacing one more!

Make it a Family Affair

If you have poor oral health care habits, there’s a good chance your parents did too. You don’t have a time machine to change the past, but you can help in the future. If you have children, if you start young enough, taking good care of their teeth will be something they have always just done.

Yes, they will learn this with the regularly established tooth-brushing habits you instil in them, but they also learn through observation. There is no better way to teach your children to take good care of their teeth than by letting them see you taking good care of yours.

At BrightSide Dental, we’re more than the people who look after your smile, we’re an important part of your healthcare team. If you’re having trouble keeping up with dental care at home, we can help. Be sure to talk to us about it at your next appointment!

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