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Distant Friends? Your Bad Breath May be to Blame!

Your Bad Breath May be to Blame! If you have a deep and abiding love of all things oniony, you can bet that your coworkers know all about it. Everybody has moments when their breath is, shall we say, less than fresh. Usually, you become aware of […]

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Good Dental Health Habits

3 Ways to Develop Good Dental Health Habits Ask some of the most health conscious people out there and they will tell you that good health is most often just a matter of good habits. Good oral health is usually nothing more than the result of good […]

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Fillings for Children

A Child’s First Filling  Even if they have made several previous trips to our office, it can still be pretty overwhelming for little kids to find out they need to have a dental treatment. This is particularly true for the bright lights and sounds that go along […]

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The Secret to Whiter Teeth

The ads on TV make tooth whitening seem pretty easy to do, but is it really that simple? Ask yourself if anything is as easy as it looks on TV and you’ll have your answer. The truth is that a whiter smile probably doesn’t start happening in […]

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Conquer Your Fear

dental clinic

Conquer Your Fear… of the Dentist! Dental anxiety seems like something kids would have a hard time getting over, but if you’re one of the many people who struggle with “dentophobia,” you know it’s not child’s play. Your fear of the dentist could be preventing you from […]

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5 Things Your Dentist Wants You to Know

Five Things We Want You to Know About Your Teeth Many of us can admit we are guilty of not giving our teeth the full and consistent attention they deserve. While we, at BrightSide Dental, recognize that you may not share our absolute passion for dentistry, we’d […]

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